100+ Free Android Apps


1. chompSMS


You love your Android phone? You SMS all the time? Then chompSMS is for you: It’s got a great user interface, chat style SMS bubbles, touchscreen keyboards and many other great features! Also coming soon, T9 predictive touchscreen keyboard and color customizations.

2. Hi AIM


AOL Instant Messenger(AIM) client for android. Data sent through network. No SMS fee. Support for smileys and chat bubble styles.

3. Fusion Voicemail Plus


Fusion Voicemail Plus from PhoneFusion is an easy to use award winning service that lets you centralize your voicemail boxes (mobile, home, office etc.) No more calling voicemail – just Touch-N-Listen right from your phone. BETTER AND FASTER than iPhone. A must have for your Android phone!

4. Speaking Pad


Speaking Pad is a talking notepad that will speak whatever you type! IDEAL Group’s Speaking Pad is an entertaining application for anyone who wants to prank their friends with computerized speech!

5. Meebo IM


Meebo is a free IM program that supports AIM, MSN, Yahoo, MySpace IM, Google Talk, Jabber and ICQ. You can also sign in using a Meebo account and your chat history will be saved forever, and can be accessed from anywhere by logging in at www.meebo.com.

6. Steel


The web at your fingertips! Browse the internet full screen via a simple user interface with auto-rotate, a virtual keyboard, zoom and page flip gestures. You can also download files of any type. Enjoy all of your phone’s features – today!

7. Phonebook


Phonebook is a brand new user interface for viewing and managing your contacts. It displays your contacts with pictures and contextual information such as coming birthdays, missed calls and unread text messages. Phonebook comes with a nice landscape view, a dialer and a quick access to your favourites and most called contacts. With Phonebook, have fun while browsing your contacts.

8. Live Chat

Live-Chat-android app

Chat, flirt and discuss with other users in this Live Chat application. You can create your own chat groups and create a profile with photo. Have fun!

9. Opera Mini

opera-mini-android app

Browse the entire Web on your Android phone and save time and money. Opera mini is compressing pages up to 90%, making web browsing fast. Synchronize your bookmarks, history, notes and more between your computer and mobile phone, and a lot more.

10. twidroid


Twidroid is the first full-featured twitter client application on the android platform with features like native photo posting, location support, auto-completion, a fully integrated notification system and the latest news from twitter buzz.


1. ikamobile Movie Finder


Going to see a movie? With ikamobile Movie Finder, you can quickly find showtimes at theatres in your location. Browse movies, watch trailers, and check out the latest releases. It’s faster and more fun than the newspaper or calling around, and it’s free.

2. Funny Jokes


Browse the funniest jokes. You can add your jokes, share them with others, and send them via email or text message. Thousands of jokes in 12 categories We added photo profiles, flagging and deleting of messages, and a nicer user interface!

3. NBA Game Time


NBA Game Time is the first, official live basketball app from the NBA for Android. Quickly and accurately follow the 2009 NBA Playoff action every night. You’ll see all games for any day – arranged by start times – including detailed scoring, a playoff bracket and stats. No frills. Just scores, schedules and stats


1. Mobile Banking


Check available balances, pay bills and transfer funds all on-the-go! Locate ATM and banking centers with GPS. No address input required. Download now, for one-touch access to your finances, whenever, wherever you are.

2. aCurrency


aCurrency is a currency converter for 160+ currencies with daily exchange rates updates. Show 5 currencies at the same time. Enter the value with built-in virtual keypad without opening the keyboard. All currencies are provided with currency code, country name and flag.

3. Mortgage Calculator


Are you in market for a home (or refi) or a busy realtor? Make use of this handy app that helps in your mortgage calculations! Features include a touch screen keypad and an amortization schedule that shows you how your payment is split towards principal. Works with auto loans also!

4. Tip Calculator by iStockManager


A simple yet stylish Tip Calculator designed to be easy to use. A big virtual keyboard does not require rotating the phone. The perfect companion every time you need to calculate a tip or divide a meal between your friends.

5. Finance


Finance for Android brings you streaming real-time quotes in this stock quote and portfolio application. It synchronizes with your Google Finance portfolios, allows quick access to charts and lets you view the latest market and company news. US exchanges only in this release.

6. Real Estate Droid


Real Estate Droid is your comprehensive home-buying assistant. Search homes for sale and save your favorites. When you visit, take notes and pictures. Look up information about the neighborhood with live location updates. Finally, figure out the numbers with mortgage quotes from real lenders and a loan calculator.

7. Karl’s Mortgage Calculator


Calculate your mortgage payments and visualize results with easy to understand graphs and charts. Calculates payments given principal, interest and term. Also reverse calculates for any one variable given the other three. Pay off early with bi-weekly or extra payments. Supports interest-only and Canadian amortization.

8. SA Tip Calculator


For those that take their tipping seriously, SA Tip Calculator is a great alternative to pen and paper.


1. DailyHoroscope


The DailyHoroscope is a horoscope application which is updated on a daily basis. It is fun and easy to use – tap on a sign and get this day’s horoscope to your screen in any of 6 colors available for your choice. Tap on the sign again and get short compatibility chart.

2. Ultimate Stopwatch & Timer


Beautiful stopwatch with countdown timer and lap timer. The stopwatch can continue to run in background and you can save times to compare later.

3. Wertago


Wertago is the premier mobile application for nightlifers—get up-to-the-second information about what venues are hot, share content and influence the social scene, coordinate plans with all your friends, and connect with socialites all across the city. Nightlife will never be the same!

4. Calorie Counter


Calorie Counter is your food and nutrition guide. Scan any barcode using the camera in your phone or browse the enormous database to find calorie and nutrition information for all foods and restaurants. Keep track of what you eat.

5. BooRah Restaurant Search


BooRah offers comprehensive ratings and summaries for local restaurants. Search for restaurants in over 10,000 cities across US. The unique “Boo” and “Rah” rating system analyzes nearly 2,500,000 reviews from various review sources to tell you what’s good and bad about a restaurant.

6. Everyday Quotes


eQuotes lets you get everyday piece of wisdom from famous people of all times. It is a good means to rethink your everyday life.

7. 10001 Cocktails


10001 Cocktails puts the bartender in your pocket! Browse and search our most popular recipes on your phone by drink type or search thousands of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drink recipes on the shot-cocktail-recipe.com web site! Add fresh drink ideas and drink reviews and save your favorite drinks to your personal list.

8. My Days


Simple & easy. Track and predict your period, ovulation, fertility and BMT. – Monthly Calender – Multi User & Language (en,de,it,se) – Add Infos, Pill, Sex.. – eMail History to your Doc – Backup function – BMT Chart – 4 Widgets – indiv. Colors

9. Period and Ovulation Tracker


Period and Ovulation Tracker is a simple, easy to use program that allows women to enter their period each month and predict likely start of next period, likely date of ovulation, and likely fertile window (time period of unprotected sex most likely to lead to pregnancy). Predicted dates become more accurate as more dates are entered. Application name on Android desktop appears discreetly as “P & O Tracker”.

10. Digital Clock


Digital Clock from Social & Mobile. Big dispaly clock and dim screen turn your phone into a bedside clock. You can change color, brightness and font of screen with an easy UI and set music as an alarm to wake you up feeling good. Change your alarm clock to this one.


1. Ringdroid


Why pay when you can create your own ringtones for free? Ringdroid lets you edit any MP3 on your phone or record a new sound and turn it into a ringtone, alarm, or notification. The only graphical waveform editor you’ll find on a phone!

2. imeem Mobile


Enjoy free streaming music from your favorite artists and discover new artists, right on your phone. imeem for Android works seamlessly with the imeem.com service – now you can enjoy personalized radio, anytime and anywhere.

3. Shazam


Create music moments. With Shazam you can identify music tracks, store them, and buy them; plus you can learn more about the artist and connect to their MySpace page. Start your music journey now.

4. SnapPhoto


No more blurry pictures with SnapPhoto’s built in stability detection. Easy slide out menus make changing settings quickly a breeze. Get the most out of your G1’s camera.

5. Last.fm – Personal Radio


Your personal radio station on your phone: Choose an artist or genre and Last.fm builds the perfect playlist just for you, fresh every time, featuring your favorites and new discoveries powered by millions of Last.fm users sharing the music they love. You can skip any song and find out about concerts, too.

6. Lyric Search


Lyric Search searchs LyricWiki.org for Lyrics to virtually any song. Search by artist or song name, copy and paste lyrics into sms, email, or other applications, and save lyrics or buy the song on amazon mp3.

News and Weather Apps

1. WeatherBug


The mobile source for complete weather. Access live, neighborhood-level weather information and images for thousands of locations; customized maps; daily videos; severe weather alerts from the National Weather Service and much more.

2. The Weather Channel


Whether you’re planning your week, your day, or the next hour, The Weather Channel delivers the tools you need to be prepared. From customizable weather maps to video forecasts and severe weather alerts, The Weather Channel has you covered.

Productivity Apps

1. AK Notepad


With AK Notepad, you can write anything you want e.g. shopping list, etc. Set a quick reminder for your note or share it to others by SMS or email. Access your note quicker by creating shortcut on your home screen. The notepad is customizable and simple to use.

2. Voice Recorder


This application is a handy voice recorder. The data are recorded to a SD card. Available the following items on the Voice Recorder – send a data as attached file via Gmail – timer & background recording – search by TITLE and DATE – register to ringtone.

3. Battery Widget


Graphical Battery Widget showing the exact battery level and charging status in a 1×1 space. Touch the widget to get shortcuts to Display/GPS/Wifi Settings Efficient implementation, waits for system battery change notifications, not polling.

4. Astrid Task/Todo List


Astrid is the highly-acclaimed open-source task list that is simple enough to not get in your way, powerful enough to actually work! For the important things in your life, Astrid encourages and nags you into staying organized. Features tagging, reminders, Remember-the-Milk sync, adding to calendar, and more!

5. handyCalc


handyCalc is a powerful calculator with automatic suggestion and solving which makes it easier to learn and use. With almost all the features you can imagine on a calculator, waiting for you to explore.

6. OI File manager

file-manager-htc hero

The OpenIntents file manager allows you to browse your SD card, create directories, rename, move, and delete files. It also acts as an extension to other applications to display “Open” and “Save” dialogs.

Reference Apps

1. Free Dictionary Org


Free Dictionary is an English Dictionary that gives you English definitions, synonyms, pronunciation, spelling and more.

2. WikiMobile Encyclopedia


Being a walking encyclopedia is now at your fingertips. With WikiMobile, you carry 2+ million Wikipedia articles with you, including pictures. Faster and uses just a fraction of the network data vs. the Android browser. Download free for a limited time!

3. Google Sky Map


Google Sky Map: A star map for Android. Google Sky Map turns your Android-powered mobile phone into a dynamic window on the night sky. When you point your phone up you will see a map of the brightest stars, constellations, and planets in that part of the sky.

4. Quickpedia


Quickpedia is Wikipedia formatted for your Android phone. With Quickpedia, you can do most of what you already do on Wikipedia: search, browse articles, featured pages, and current events. Plus, Quickpedia can find Wikipedia articles near your current GPS position!

5. US Traffic


Simple app that shows traffic report around your neighborhood. US cities ONLY This is our gift back to the android community to thank you for supporting our apps.

Shopping Apps

1. ShopSavvy


ShopSavvy is your shopping assistant. Using the camera in your phone, you can scan the barcode of any product to find the best prices on the internet and at nearby, local stores.

2. Yellowbook.com Mobile Search


Yellowbook.com’s free mobile search app is easier and faster to use – and now features voice recognition! Just speak what you want to find like “Restaurants”, “Plumber”, “Florist”, or whatever and we’ll deliver local results to you. New Features: – Voice Search – Save to Contacts – Street View

3. Compare Everywhere


CompareEverywhere helps you shop smarter using your phone. Scan a barcode to instantly check if that “sale price” really is a good deal. Read reviews to find out if those hiking boots will last a lifetime, or fall apart next month. Keep track of shopping lists, wish lists, and more.

4. Pocket Auctions for eBay


Pocket Auctions for eBay is the award-winning eBay mobile application made even better for Android!, – My eBay – Search active & completed items, – Full screen pictures, – Android-style notifications, – Scan barcodes on eBay, – Chat with fellow eBay’ers

5. CraigslistChecker


Want to find that rare vinyl to spin this weekend? Maybe a new car? Search craigSlist easily. Save your favorite searches and set them as alerts. Save listings and email them to your friend.

Social Apps

1. FBabble


FBabble lets you stay in touch with your friends on Facebook wherever you go! Features include real-time chat, uploading photos, changing current status and even automatic tweets to your Twitter account.

2. MySpace Mobile


If you love MySpace, you’re really going to love MySpace Mobile for Android. Simply download the free application to stay connected with your friends, share photos, and check out the tour schedules of your favorite bands… anytime, anyplace!

3. Pickup Lines


Find out how to approach the other sex! With this app you can share your best pickup lines and view and rate the ones others have added. And send funny lines to your friends!

4. Comeks Fun Photo Blogger


Create and share funny cartoon-like images. Take and filter photos, add stickers and text bubbles on them. Lots of stickers and text styles to choose from. When done, share the funny image in Facebook, Tumblr, Flickr, Bebo, Twitter or Comeks.com. You can also send it as an email or MMS.

5. Pintail


Lost your phone? Find it with an SMS: Pintail replies automatically with your phone’s location to a PIN protected message. Let friends and family easily find out where you are by sharing your PIN number with them: They send an SMS, Pintail replies with your location.

6. Loopt


Loopt connects you to your friends and the places around you. See where your friends are and what they’re doing. Connect on the fly and instantly share photos, comments, and cool places. Turn your phone into a social compass and never be bored or lonely again!


1. Save MMS

Save- MMS

This application allows you to save pictures, audio and video from your MMS text messages directly to your memory card. Attachments are stored in the “SavedMMS” directory and are automatically accessible from the Pictures and Music apps.

2. Retro Clock Widget


Retro Clock Widget is a home screen widget based on the classic mechanical flipping clock. You can choose to have a clock widget or a date widget, or both. The clock widget allows quick access to the Alarm Clock app, while the date widget links to the build-in Calendar app.

Travel Apps

1. GPS Status


Display your GPS and sensor data: Shows the position, number and signal strength of GPS satellites. Check your position, GPS accuracy, speed, acceleration and bearing. A magnetic compass is included which displays both magnetic and true north. Use it as a leveling tool or detect magnetic anomalies in your area.

2. NYC Subway Map

subway maop

The NYC Subway Map provides simple, quick and offline access to the real NYC Subway map. Join the 50,000+ Android straphangers who will never awkwardly peek over someone’s forehead for directions again!



WHERE is a bundle of cool GPS apps all wrapped into one. Are you looking for the hottest restaurants, jonesing for your next coffee fix, or need a cheap fill-up? Maybe you want to know the local weather, traffic or headlines? Whatever you are after, WHERE has it.

4. Places Directory


Places Directory allows you to browse nearby places in categories like Restaurants, Movie Theaters, Hotels and Banks. You’ll see distance and directions to the destination, and if you tap on the listing, we’ll show ratings and photos. You can also call the business or view its location on Google Maps.

5. Hotels near me


Find and book hotel rooms mobile for often BETTER PRICES then at the reception! “Hotels near me” app is the first worldwide GPS hotel finder for Android. 66000 hotels in 71 countries and no fees. 21 languages supported!

6. Translator


Translates words, phrases, sentences and whole paragraphs of text between different languages using Googles language translation service. It can even detect your source language and flip between source and translation phrase.

Astrid – Simple Task Recording Dashboard

50 Cool Android Apps

At first glance Astrid appears to be a basic Task Manager. It is so much more. Astrid is a very easy to use and feature rich task or tracking system designed specifically to make you more productive with minimal fuss.

Astrid Video Review/Demo
Visual Voicemail Client

50 Cool Android Apps

YouMail Visual Voicemail lets you see, play, read, and manage your YouMail voicemail, directly from your phone. Be warnrd, it does not work with all mobile carriers.

Visual Voicemail Client Video Review/Demo
AndFTP – FTP, FTPS and SFTP Android Client

50 Cool Android AppsAndFTP allows you to manage several FTP servers simultaneously, it provides you with both a device file browser and a FTP file browser, it also provides download and upload features with support for easy download resuming. You can use the device menu to rename, delete, copy, set permissions and it can also create folders.

No Signal Alert

50 Cool Android Apps

No Signal Alert detects when your phone is in a “dead zone” or with zero bars and immediately sends a customized alert to the user, notifying him or her that the phone currently has no service. The alerts are customized by the user, which means that you get to pick how you want your phone to alert you that there is no phone signal.

Waze:Way To Go

50 Cool Android Apps

Waze is a social mobile application providing free turn-by-turn navigation based on the live conditions of the road.
100% powered by users, the more you drive, the better it gets. Join the community of drivers in your area today and experience the power of Waze for yourself.

Mobile Defense: Recover and Protect

50 Cool Android Apps

Mobile Defense displays real-time location information of a lost or stolen phone on an interactive map. In addition to locating your phone, Mobile Defense offers a robust set of tools to safeguard your privacy and data: Remotely lock and backup, notification of suspicious activity and fraud detection, monitor SIM card changes, proximity alerts, and other unauthorized actions.

Mobile Defense Video Review/Demo

50 Cool Android Apps

Want more features for your SMS messaging? Then chompSMS is for you, with lots of extra features like chat-style bubbles, contact pictures, quick reply, signatures, heaps of customizations, and more!
You can use chompSMS as a replacement to the built-in Messaging application, and send SMS messages via your mobile carrier as you normally do. Or, if your mobile carrier charges a lot, you can buy credits to send SMS messages via the chompSMS network, which can be much cheaper.

Enkin: Navigation Reinvented

50 Cool Android Apps

“Enkin” introduces a new handheld navigation concept. It displays location-based content in a unique way that bridges the gap between reality and classic map-like representations. It combines GPS, orientation sensors, 3D graphics, live video, several web services, and a novel user interface into an intuitive and light navigation system for mobile devices.

Enkin Video Review/Demo

50 Cool Android Apps

Wiggle is an application for Google’s Android OS that allows you to set phone profiles based on the wireless networks in range. You do not need to be connected to a network in order for your profile to be applied, all you have to do is be “in-range”.
Wiggle uses your phone’s Wireless to detect networks in range, as well as networks that you have connected to in the past. When you start the application for the first time, you are presented with a list of “Remembered” networks and “Available” networks. A third option “Connected” will also appear if you are currently connected to any network. “Remembered” networks are those networks that you’ve previously connected to and are currently saved on your phone. “Available” networks are those networks that are currently in range.


50 Cool Android Apps

Foursquare’s a fun location-based social network that quickly shows you what your friends are doing. It also doubles as a game, where checking into locations earns you different badges and points toward your city’s leader board. Now Google Android users can get into the game, with a gorgeous Android app that makes even the iPhone version of Foursquare look a little shabby.

Layar Reality Browser

50 Cool Android Apps

Layar Reality Browser 2.0 is an app that will bring you real time digital information on top of reality from your camera screen.

Layar Reality Browser Video Review/Demo
City Audioguides

50 Cool Android Apps

City Audioguides uses the Android frameworks positioning and other technologies to improve your travelling experiences by delivering audio content relative to your current physical location. Bringing museum-like audioguides to a larger scope.

WordPlayer v3

50 Cool Android Apps

WordPlayer is a book reader. You can download from amongst thousands of books in seconds or load from your SD card. Its page navigation, bookmarking, and many customizable settings make reading a breeze.

Rotary Dialer

50 Cool Android Apps

Are you bored of your traditional touch button keypad? Roll back the years and download this retro Rotary Dialer for Android.

Compass for Android

50 Cool Android Apps

Compass for Android is a navigational instrument for determining direction relative to the Earth’s magnetic poles.


50 Cool Android Apps

fBook is an Android app that wraps and optimizes the Facebook iPhone website for your Android phone. In addition to the features available from Facebook’s iPhone web app, fBook adds several important new features.

fBook Video Review/Demo
GPS Status 1.4.1

GPS Status is an application which displays the information received from the phone’s GPS receiver. In addition to the basic location information it can extract and display the state and location of each visible GPS satellite which is displayed on a simple sky view. The outer circle represents the horizon while the center corresponds to the zenith right above your head. The little blue arrow represents true north, while red means south.

My Tracks for Android

50 Cool Android Apps

My Tracks is an application that enables you to record GPS tracks and view live statistics – such as time, speed, distance, and elevation – while hiking, biking, running or participating in other outdoor activities. Once recorded, you can share your tracks, upload them to Google Spreadsheets and visualize them on Google My Maps.

My Tracks Video Review/Demo

50 Cool Android Apps

With the free edition of PicSay yu can spice up the pictures on your Android mobile by adding word balloons, titles, graphics, and effects like distortion, color correction and highlighting. All in a fun, intuitive, and easy-to-use interface.

Media Androids Apps
Shazam on Android

50 Cool Android Apps

Shazam is one of the coolest apps available for your Android phone. With Shazam you can identify music tracks, store them, and buy them; plus you can learn more about the artist and connect to their MySpace page. A must download.

Last.fm Android

50 Cool Android Apps

With the Official Last.fm Android App you can choose an artist or genre and Last.fm builds the perfect playlist just for you, fresh every time, featuring your favorites and new discoveries powered by millions of Last.fm users sharing the music they love. You can skip any song and find out about concert dates, too.


50 Cool Android Apps

TuneWiki is an application that downloads songs lyrics from the web and shows them synched with the song in real time, karaoke-style.

TuneWiki Video Review/Demo
Meebo for Android

50 Cool Android Apps

The Meebo service lets you access your buddies on all the major networks (AIM, Yahoo!, MSN, Google Talk, ICQ, Jabber) and gather them into one single and easy to manage buddylist.

IMEEM – What’s on your playlist?

50 Cool Android Apps

imeem is a social music service, enabling music fans to discover, interact and express themselves with music and playlists, and connect with other people based on shared tastes and interests. With the downloadable Android app you can create stations with free streaming music from your favorite artists, stream the music you’ve uploaded, discover new music through recommendations and features, share your favorite songs with friends via email and you can also buy songs from Amazon MP3 with one click. Cool.


50 Cool Android AppsAudioManager is a home-screen widget that allows you to get live readings of your current volume levels on your Android phone (similar to your computer’s Volume Mixer). The widget shows the current volume for the following streams: Music and media volumes, as well as controlling alerts, voice, alarms, system and voice call volumes.

Qik – Share Live Video

50 Cool Android Apps

Qik enables you to share your video moments live with your friends, family and the world—directly from your mobile Android phone.


50 Cool Android Apps

Spotify is a digital music service that gives you access to millions of songs. Online the service is free, via your mobile you need to signup for a premium membership. Mind you at $10 a month its not a lot for what you get.

Spotify Video Review/Demo
Social Media and Services Android Apps
Babbler – Facebook Android

50 Cool Android Apps

With Babbler you can see your newsfeed and your friends’ walls, comment & like wall posts, change your status, write on walls, view friends’ profiles, view events, browse friends’ photo albums and tagged photos, background notifications, background photos/videos uploads, share links from Browser or Youtube and also share photos/videos from the Gallery.


50 Cool Android Apps

CuTewit comes with choice of two home screen widget. A 4-icon wide widget allows you to scroll through 20 twits right from the home screen. You can also post a quick update right from the widget. A micro widget shows you profile image of latest twit and count of unread twits. It occupies only a single icon space.


50 Cool Android Apps

Twidroid is an award winning Twitter and identi.ca application for Android. There are two versions available, premium and free. The powerful free version is packed with all the features you would excpect from any Twitter client and is sufficient for any everyday user. The premium version, which is only $5, gives you added features like video-posting and multi account suupport iand is aimed more for the Twitter power user.

Tidroid Video Review/Demo
Pocket Auctions for eBay

50 Cool Android Apps

Pocket Auctions for eBay lets you bid, compare prices, and search active and completed items on eBay all from your mobile phone! View pictures, read item descriptions, check on items you’re bidding on, watching, and selling in My eBay, and receive automatic phone alerts when you are outbid or when your items sell.

PayPal Application for Android

50 Cool Android Apps

This application will give you easy access to your PayPal account right from your Android phone. Features include: Direct integration with the contact list, recent history and balance checks.


50 Cool Android Apps

iCraigslist was intentionally designed and implemented for iPhone usage, but it works really well and looks really nice in any modern PC browser and Google Android gPhone as well, offering a neater, tidier and more organized new look & feel compared to the original version.


50 Cool Android Apps

wpToGo is a small application that allows you to publish posts on your WordPress blog. You can upload new posts including the title, content, tags and select multiple categories with multiple wordpress accounts. You can also upload a full size image and thumbnail, customize the thumbnail size and you also have the option to publish instantly or to save it as a draft.


50 Cool Android Apps

Aloqa is a mobile service that proactively notifies you of interesting places, events, and Facebook friends near you. Instead of having to search, you can just look at your phone and see your favorite hotspots, friends, events of interest, and recommended bargains close by. Whenever You Want. Wherever You Are.


50 Cool Android Apps

With WikiMobile, you access to all 2 million Wikipedia articles, including pictures and quick facts. Bookmark your favorites for quick and easy tracking.

Google Android Apps
Google Sky Map

50 Cool Android AppsWith Google Sky Map you can discover and browse the night sky just by pointing your phone to space. Using the phone’s orientation sensors, you can view a star map for your location. Explore planets, stars, constellations, and a hell of a lot more.

Google Sky Map Video Review/Demo
Google Maps

50 Cool Android Apps

Google Maps on Android uses the built-in GPS to show your location on the map. And if GPS reading is temporarily unavailable, My Location shows your approximate location on the map. So you can always find where you are.

Google Maps Video Review/Demo
Google Voice
Places Directory

50 Cool Android Apps

Places Directory allows you to browse nearby places in categories like Restaurants, Movie Theaters, Hotels and Banks. You’ll see distance and directions to the destination, and if you tap on the listing, you will receive ratings and photos. You can also call the business or view its location on Google Maps.

Places Directory Video Review/Demo
Voice Search

50 Cool Android Apps

You can start searching by voice with just the touch of a button. On the home screen search widget, look for the microphone button right next to the search box and the search button. Press that button, wait for the “Speak now” prompt, and then say your query. You’ll soon see search results formatted for the Android browser.

Google Voice Search Video Review/Demo
Internet and RSS Android Apps
Opera Mini

50 Cool Android Apps

If in the off chance you don’t like the minimal functionality of the web browser (Chrome) that is packaged with Android, you might like to try Opera Mini. Opera Mini is the closest fully functional desktop-like web browser that you can find.


50 Cool Android Apps

This fully functional Android RSS reader was originally created as a way to learn the new Android platforms SDK. Its simplicity and minimal features are what I loved about this app, sometimes you just want the headlines and not an overblown feature heavy app that takes an eternity to set up.

OI News Reader

50 Cool Android Apps

Get the latest news to your phone with the OpenIntents News Reader. Subscribe to popular feeds or add your favorite blogs RSS feeds and you will always be up-to-date with its automatic updating. You can also read the feeds offline.

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