Kim Jong Il’s Air Force One of trains is a luxury hotel-like fortress

Kim Jong Il's Air Force One of trains is a luxury hotel-like fortress

Kim Jong Il, the “Dear Leader” of North Korea, does not fly when he travels. Instead, he travels around the country in one of six armored trains, stopping at any of the 19 private stations reserved just for him in the country. Not just any trains, either — Kim Jong Il has had them decked out so much that they resemble something like a military command center mixed with a luxury hotel.

From the LA Times:

Kim’s train is equipped with conference rooms, an audience chamber and bedrooms, with a pair of Mercedes-Benzes on standby, not to mention satellite phone connections and flat-screen TVs so the leader can be briefed and issue orders.

That’s not all. The Times points out that in Russian official Konstantin Pulikovsky’s book, Orient Express, he describes a trip a three-week-long journey Kim Jong Il made to Russia in 2001: “Cases of Bordeaux and Beaujolais were flown in from Paris, as was live lobster, according to the book. There were also such North Korean specialties as koya, piglet barbecue, and salo, salted and aged pig fat.”

Now that’s luxurious! We need to figure something out with the Air Force One. Maybe we could deliver a refueling plane-full of Cristal to the president mid-flight.

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